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Frequently Asked Questions

quesntion bannerPlease find some of our most frequently asked questions below. If you have any more questions please contact us via the contact form on the appropriate page.

Question 1 – What API connections do you connect too?

Answer 1-  We integrate with a wide array of tools such as sage and KashFlow. That is the our standard integrations however there others like PayPal and other payment processors. Really the possibilities are endless.

Question 2 – Why do you think are the benefits for your system?

Answer 2 – The main benefits is the security of your business.

Question 3- What is the general cost of you service/software?

Answer 3 – Well it varies dependant on your circumstances. In our experience it has always been hard to be able to price one set price for all our customers as every business security and lanyard needs are different. Therefore to be able to offer the best possible price to all our customers we have decided to quote on a per job/customer basis. This ensures you get the best solution for you as we get a good idea of your circumstances and the a competitive price to go along with that.