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Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ Welcome to the FAQ section of GetPlumer.

Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions that reach our inbox. Please keep in mind that we cannot display each question here, but we do try and include the most important ones.

If you are wondering where you can ask a question yourself then please use the form at the bottom of the page and allow up to 2 business days for a reply as we can get quite busy at times.

Without further ado, please see the most commonly asked questions below.


Do I need a visitor management software?

Well this can be completely up to you but in modern times we would strongly recommend moving onto electronic visitor management. This is because health and safety along with other rules and regs are getting much tighter and you need to know what Is happening at your company always. A visitor management software will not make or break your business, but it makes life easier when it comes to controlling staff and visitors.


How expensive is a visitor management kit?

This can vary drastically, there are very cheap options that are usually just paper passes and visitor books that allow physical data to be stored there. But when you start to go electronic then the price does rise as the features that come with the system are specialist. Most visitor software is connected to some sort of card printer to allow visitors access to certain areas and maybe even through Paxton doors. We would recommend that you discuss the matter with an actual re-seller to see what options that have on offer and which would suit your business the most.


Is there a specific top brand for visitor management?

No, there are that many options and different versions that some or not comparable they do completely different things in different ways and it all depends on the business you are running. Of course, the hardware that comes with the systems can vary in quality but usually the hardware is rigorously tested before being sold on the market.


So here have been just a select few of questions our readers ask the most. Please don’t forget to use the form below if you still have a question you would like to ask the site whether it be about the site or the blogs we post then please do not hesitate, you never know… it could then appear here on the FAQ page!