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Serious Security Flaw Found in the fitness trackers!

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Here at we take security serious and are always trying our best to stay on top of potential security risks to either our customers whom we provide specialist advice regards there security system or the general public. As part of our aim to help we regularly read study and test different things to try and help give out the best information!

Security Floor found in fitness tracker

In the first quarter of 2016 over 20 million fitness trackers were sold, leaving a security floor in these devices a big risk to a high number of people. The security floor in these devices leaves users open to fraud and data theft according to a new study by Technische Universitat Darmstadt and the University of Padua which looked at 17 different fitness trackers currently on the market.

The test they did falsified data in almost every case by being able to get through the https protocol most of these cloud based tracking systems use. One of the main examples that the successfully managed to persuade the tracker to tell the cloud server that the user had done 80 million steps in a day!

Despite this floor there isn’t a need to be over worried a number of major manufacturers have taken further measures to ensure the data is secure. The problem with this floor although some may seem to think it is small is that many companies now like health insurance businesses offer discounts if people share there fitness data with them. There has also been examples where the fitness data has been used in court to give indications on a number of different things.

Therefore this security floor would leave the ability for users to manipulate or falsify the data for financial gain or influence a criminal trial. There has also been suggestions that these trackers may be able to reveal a users bank pin number leaving many of us wary on our use of less well known trackers. Our suggestion make sure your’s is up to date and do some research on the tracker you want to buy.