Visitor Management
Get Plumer are leaders in access control technology with our online visitor management system that comes with a bespoke system to provide item accessories like lanyards and ID accessories such as wristbands. Having worked with large national and multinational companies to improve there security with our access control technology we quickly found a need for them to have certain accessories to ensure this system could be used well and effectively.

For that reason we teamed up with a well respected business called Lesar that have built a good reputation in the industry for supplying ID control accessories such as lanyards and wristbands. You maybe wondering though how do we use these lanyards and wristbands with our access control technology. Well to properly describe there uses and why they are a key part of our visitor management system you need to understand more about the technology we use.

Our access technology is a web interface that is used to login and monitors numerous areas of your premises just like visitor management software. This same control panel can be used to download reports. These reports provide a large amount of details and can be used in times of great need like when a fire may occur. You can with one click via an ipad or mobile phone see a fire report that will be able to list the full amount of staff on site so they can all be accounted for at the assembly point. Not only this staff pay roll can also be managed via the control panel. Now you maybe thinking what is all this to do with lanyards and wristbands.

Well our system would be pointless if it had no information to enter in. Or if it was hard for people to actually sign in. Therefore we worked with Lesar to find a way to make it as easy as possible for people to sign in and out with our access control system. What they devised was a real array of options for all types of our clients. From very cost effective ways for smaller businesses to be able to use paper passes right through to a full enterprise system which would include things like a pre programmed wristband. The best thing about Lesar is there product knowledge is second to none. And despite the product knowledge the prices stay very competitive. Even the paper passes we had supplied from Lesar with are very professional. The other option to paper passes they created was an integration to our system that meant visitors could sign in on a touch screen and it would also take a picture of them and print a plastic ID card that they could then attach to a lanyard and carry around them with them nice and easy. The other option involving the wristbands was a really clever idea. That was that the wristbands were encoded with software that had details of all the staff in the business. Staff would simply have to scan the sensor using the wristbands and that would then send the information straight to the control panel.

You can really start to see how the lanyards and wristbands that we got from Lesar have helped take our technology to the next level.